One Body One Spirit Project

The One Body One Spirit Project starts with a dream, to see the Church as God sees it, in its great diversity, thriving as One Body and One Spirit in Christ. This is a vision for all to see. This dream has led to the support of a pilgrim, David Heimann, to attend daily Mass at a different parish every day for an entire year. But this is just the beginning, the journey continues by enriching the Church supporting deeper communication through web blogging, educational resources, and gift giving.

Blogging – Central to the One Body One Spirit Project are the daily journals David Heimann will keep and post on the AD SODALITATEM website. These journals will unveil the rich diversity of the Church through the priest, people, relics, art, architecture, rituals, and work of the Church. Students and registered members are encouraged to follow along and read these blogs and see the pictures of the Church throughout the world. Using Google Earth, viewers will be able to see the very steps the pilgrim walked that day and see the very place on the earth where the Churches visited are located. Click here to see an example. Imagine being able to see the pictures of all 365 churches, inside and out from the vantage point of outer space!

Educational Resources – Schools and parishes educators will be able to download 30-minute lesson plans on Catholic teaching, Global Solidarity, culture, history, art, architecture, geography, liturgy, and politics. Students will be able to log in online and participate in an on-line worksheet, which will give them pictures and information about Global Solidarity.

Gift Giving – Solidarity is built through relationships with people. Relationships come from the knowledge we have of one another and giving ourselves freely in response to one another out of love. Often times, well meaning individuals give money to the poor, but do not come to know the poor any better as human persons. AD SODALITATEM first seeks to know the needs of the poor, especially in the Churches of developing countries, and respond in future months and years by making a financial gift to assist their needs. This gift is a response to strengthen the relationship we seek to foster, not to replace or minimize the relationship by just giving money. We hope the gifts we can give are simple signs of our continued care and concern for the poor our pilgrims visit throughout the world. AD SODALITATEM needs a great amount of financial support to make these financial gifts to the poor possible. We will give financial gifts to the extent of our resources, in response to those with the greatest needs.

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