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We believe the greatest use of AD SODALITATEM’s materials, especially generated through the One Body One Spirit Project, is in an educational setting. In the hands of teachers and educators, our materials can change the way students see the world. Pictures, stories, global positioning information, interconnected parish profiles, and lesson plans do nothing if they are not used for the benefit of students willing to learn.

That is why our website is focused on the role of the educator. In the coming months, you can register as teacher or parish religious educator for your school. This will give you access to materials that are otherwise blocked. It will also allow you to register your own students so that they may be able to explore our website fully, following our pilgrims on their journey, participating in online worksheets, reading parish profiles of churches throughout the world, and communicating with other students their age directly.

Registration is important so that you can have access to our materials and so that we can learn more about you. It also gives us the ability to make you aware of improvements to our site and weekly updates on the progress of our pilgrims in the One Body One Spirit Project.

If you have not already done so, please examine our sample lesson plans

(click here for

the file [708kb] in Adobe

PDF format), our sample Google Earth photo blog (click here you will

need to download Google Earth to

use), and our sample worksheet (click here). These are a short taste of

the many resources that will be available to you during the upcoming year

for use in your classroom.

We are also open to your suggestions. If you can imagine a resource connected

to this experience that would be useful to your educational environment,

please let us know.

We are also in need of support. With the great deal of information that

will be streaming through the web, we are in need of volunteer educators

who are willing to support AD SODALITATEM by assisting us in the development

of lesson plans and student online worksheets. If you are interested in

serving on our educational resource staff, please email

our executive director. Your input will make a difference for the

future of the Church!


Request a Presentation

We agree with leading researchers who demonstrate that the best way to

engage learners is through multiple mediums. We are glad to provide resources

to you, but these resources are reinforced when we can do a presentation at your school or parish about the ONE BODY ONE SPIRIT project. It is not too early

to request a presentation from David Heimann in the year 2008, but you can have other members of our organization come and speak to you now.

Presentations are offered to schools and parishes regardless of their

ability to make an offering or ability to participate. We will offer challenges to your students to give a gift

which will go directly to a parish or school that

our pilgrim will visit in a developing country.

To request a presentation at your school or parish, please contact

us and provide a minimum of two dates and times that would work well

for your institution.


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