About Us

Mission Statement: AD SODALITATEM seeks to evoke solidarity in the Roman Catholic Church through prayer, education, and development of the poor by building personal relationships with Christians throughout the world.

In doing so, AD SODALITATEM is pleased to announce its first major project, the One Body One Spirit Project, an endeavor in which our executive director, David Heimann, went on pilgrimage to 365 churches over 5 continents for the duration of the year 2007. At each parish, he made a solidarity visit, attended Mass, learned about the culture, history, and worship of the church in that country. All the while, he worked to forge communication portals between parishes and schools across the world so they could learn more about the Church in its great diversity.

AD SODALITATEM is a registered Not-for-Profit Corporation in the State of Illinois. Its purpose is exclusively for the benefit, the functioning of, and the purposes of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

AD SODALITATEM’S Board of Directors include, David Heimann, Lee Kemper, Josh Jastrebski, Katie Kustusch, Dorsey Jastrebski, Graziano Marcheschi, Nancy Marcheschi, and Kevin Lowry. Officers are President – Lee Kemper, Secretary – Katie Kustusch, and Treasurer – Ralph Heimann.

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