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AD SODALITATEM seeks to promote the Church’s teaching on Solidarity through prayer, education, and charitable giving to the poor in developing countries.

During the current year, we are engaged in the ONE BODY ONE SPIRIT pilgrimage. AD SODALITATEM’s Executive Director, David Heimann, is making a pilgrimage to 365 churches in 365 days through 35 countries over 5 continents and putting you in contact with the Church throughout the world. View the itinerary by clicking here.

YOU are invited to be a part of the journey by joining our online community. This community invites you to communicate with and learn about the Church throughout the world and the importance of a spirituality of solidarity. Please register with our website to gain full access to its functions. The link to do is at the top right of this page.

Membership to the community will allow you to view the Google Earth pictorials of the ONE BODY ONE SPIRIT pilgrimage. To view these pictorials, you will need Google Earth downloaded onto your computer. This free download is available by clicking here.

To view the sample pictorials of the 41 visited across the United States click here.

To view the sample pictorials of the 68 churches visited in Asia click here.

To view the sample pictorials of the 45 churches visited in Europe click here

Please consider making a donation to support AD SODALITATEM. Checks or money order can be mailed to AD SODALITATEM, 203 Rosemary, Collinsville IL, 62234. Click here to read more about our financial needs.

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